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Final Blog Post

December 4, 2009

This will be my final blog post and I can say that this was a fun experience. Right about when I started this Online Journalism class I got a job at this other sports blog so it was fun/challenging writing for both. It was fun because I love writing about sports because I am very opinionated and passionate about sports. It was challenging because I had to keep content flowing for both websites, which is why I just ended up posting links to the more popular blog on this site.
My favorite part about blogging was the fact that I could publish my thoughts and opinions on sports. I always talk about them with friends, but being able to publish something for a lot of people to read was both exciting and fun. I felt really comfortable and had no trouble writing into my own voice.

I think blogging is the future of journalism and it is already becoming the main source for people’s news. People want their news in a timely fashion and they don’t want to spend a lot of time reading, which is why blogs are perfect for the future. I will definitely keep up with my blog on because it is what I enjoy doing the most. I hope everyone enjoys reading me as much as I enjoy writing it.


Week 13 Start/Sit

December 3, 2009

Here are my rankings of over 100 players for week 13 in fantasy football.

Has the Patriots Defense Been a Mirage?

December 3, 2009

Click here for my take on the Patriots defense and Monday night’s game against the Saints.

Interview With Junior Seau

December 1, 2009

Junior Seau is still on the Patriots, but you can catch him on the Versus Network starting on Wednesday, December 2nd on his new show.

I had the opportunity to talk with Junior Seau over the phone about his experience on his new show “Sports Jobs” which airs on the Versus Network tomorrow at 10pm. You can listen to the entire interview on the <a href=””>Sports of Boston website</a>. I am the second one to speak and be sure to tune into the show because he does some interesting jobs!