It Doesn’t Get Any Better

Just a couple months before his 21st birthday, Rick Porcello will be taking the mound for the Tigers in the biggest game of his life.

In a couple hours the Twins and Tigers will square off in the most important game of the season. The game starts at 5 pm and is being televised on TBS. Any sports fan should make time to watch this game because there really isn’t anything more exciting than a sudden death game. It’s been a lot of fun watching these two teams battle it out the last couple of weeks and I am very impressed with how the Twins came back from three games down in the last 10 games, which included a four game series with the Tigers where they were able to win two. The Tigers have a couple things working against them (having to travel, 20-year old Porcello starting, Cabrera’s legal issues), but hopefully Porcello can keep his emotions in check and keep the Twins offense off the scoreboard. The Twins have Scott Baker on the mound, so there is a clear advantage for them there. My prediction is the Twins will win the game 5-3 with Joe Mauer hitting a late go-ahead home run to solidify his 2009 MVP season.

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